Paralympics – Rio

2016 Was a busy year working with the British Paralympics Association (BPA) on their revolutionary ‘Supercharge’ campaign but also with Channel 4, shooting all of the athletes featured in their award-winning campaign video ‘Yes I can’.

The Supercharge campaign for the BPA was a new concept in Paralympic sport. Many people do not realise that whilst Team GB is fully funded the Paralympics team are a charity who rely on donations and sponsorship – the supercharge campaign targeted members of the public directly for fundraising and was hugely successful in getting our athletes equipped properly and out to the games in Rio.

This collection of images is made up of the #supercharge campaign as well as images shot for Channel 4 as part of their #superhumans campaign.

Whilst this gallery is not technically personal work it was important to show it as a collection of incredible athletes. It was a real honour and a privilege to meet and work with these incredible athletes.

The Supercharge campaign work won multiple awards including PX3 1st Place & Gold award, Graphis Silver, AOP Awards Category Winner and has been exhibited in multiple exhibitions. The announcement was covered by the IPC here.

Tom Barnes  <strong>Ali Jawad – Powerlifter</strong>
Tom Barnes  <strong>David Weir</strong>
Tom Barnes  <strong>Georgie Hermitage</strong>
Tom Barnes  <strong>Hannah Cockroft</strong>
Tom Barnes  <strong>Hannah Cockroft</strong>
Tom Barnes  <strong>Jack Rutter – Cerebral Palsy Football Team</strong>
Tom Barnes  <strong>Jody Cundy – Track Cyclist</strong>
Tom Barnes  <strong>Jonnie Peacock</strong>
Tom Barnes  <strong>Libby Clegg</strong>
Tom Barnes  <strong>Mickey Yule – Powerlifter</strong>
Tom Barnes  <strong>Pamela Relph MBE</strong>
Tom Barnes  <strong>Richard Whitehead</strong>
Tom Barnes  <strong>Sophie Hahn</strong>
Tom Barnes  <strong>GB Wheelchair Basketball Team</strong>