Wasteland Weekend

Personal Work

In September myself and my assistant Morgan flew to the USA to take portraits at Wasteland Weekend festival, a fully immersive post apocalyptic festival in the Mojave Desert.

The full project gallery is here with the finished portraits. The images below are extra shots from the festival I took while walking round, separate from the portraits you can see more of the vehicles and dust! As it was a fully immersed festival we had to try our best to fit in so full military fatigues were the order of the day – it seemed like a good way to blend in without overheating carrying loads of equipment around and gaining load of extra pockets!

The project was shot on my old Phase One IQ150 kit almost exclusively with an 80mm lens (lens was taped on to cameras to prevent dust from getting in. This was the last project I used the camera on and moved to Sony cameras. The Phase One XF setup is very powerful but I shoot very quickly, the camera was too slow for my workflow and couldn’t keep up. Now I have moved to Sony’s the workflow is far more efficient and very fast.

Huge thanks to Morgan for coming along for the ride and to Jarred and Ryan at Wasteland Weekend festival for having us over and being so accomodating.



Procession of cars in front of the main sign at Wasteland Weekend festival

Modified car with the sunset behind it

Cars line up for the wasteland weekend drive

Dog tags lie in the sand

Custom axe detail on the cars at Wasteland Weekend festival

Steering wheel decorated in skulls at Wasteland Weekend festival

The sunset at Wasteland Weekend festival

Sunset at Wasteland Weekend festival