The Hopeful Astronauts

The Sunday Times magazine

Only 11% of all space travelers have been women, there is currently only one female member of crew out of a crew of 10 on the ISS and the Chinese Tiangong space station. Women are chronically underrepresented in space travel. I met three aspiring astronauts to photograph them at the Science Museum for The Sunday Times Magazine. Dr Jackie Bell, Tessa Naran and Dr Emma King are all part of the new astronaut recruitment process from the European Space Agency (ESA).

Recruiting happens rarely (the last round was in 2008) and they are aiming to find a max of 6 full time professional astronauts with 20 reserves. There have been 22,589 applications, that’s some stiff competition!

The article is online here. Below are the finished portraits and screen grabs of the magazine layout.