Sean Doyle

The Sunday Times Magazine

“We’ve had the ultra-clean team come in just for you”, the email said, we’ve also got you our newest aircraft and it’s looking really good!”, I rarely get asked to work with props as big as an Airbus A350-1000, I’ve never had to direct anything larger!

I was on the roasting hot tarmac at Heathrow Airport early in the morning to photograph the new CEO of @british_airways Sean Doyle for @thestmagazine. We’d been told to expect cloudy with a chance of rain but instead were met with dazzling sunshine, we could not have asked for more, Sean was enjoying the shoot and told me how he had helped develop the cabin of this plane whilst he was CEO at the BA sister airline Aer Lingus. You have to love the British weather, come for the rain and stay for the sunstroke!

Thanks as always to Russ O’Connell, to the team at BA who made sure the plane was available, and to the sun for showing up when we were forecast rain, and to Sean for being a pleasure to shoot!