Lord Sedwill

The Sunday Times Magazine

Lord, Sir, Baron, Mark, Mr Sedwill, what do you call a man who has so many titles? It turns out he simply prefers Mark!

I was commissioned by The Sunday Times Magazine to photograph Mark Sedwill, the outgoing Cabinet Secretary at the Cabinet Office. Mark has just left his role as the most senior civil servant in the country and talked me through some of his travels, we chatted a lot about his time in Afghanistan and having a young family. I also wanted to know everything about his role as the President of the Special Forces Club, funnily enough those bits are secret!

Mark was a fantastic subject, listening to my ideas and throwing his own into the mix, unusual for someone in politics! We had a great shoot and I look forward to seeing what he does now.

Over the years I have photographed people in all sorts of rooms, this is the first time I have shot in a room that had a throne, turns out King George III used to chair his cabinet in that room.

To see more of the portraits of Mark Sedwill please visit the project page. The article is over on the Times website here. A picture of the article is below these portraits.



Mark Sedwill stands for a portrait in the cabinet office.

Lord Sedwill looking pensive


Mark Sedwill in the Sunday Times Magazine