Graphis Awards

I’m delighted to tell you I have just received multiple Graphis awards for my new personal projects. I received one gold award, two silver awards and an honourable mention.

The Gold award for was for a photograph from the Pemulung project (view it here) which is a series of portraits of scavengers on Indonesia’s largest landfills.

The silver awards were for another photograph from the Pemulung series and also a new unreleased project focusing on Nelayan, a series of pictures of traditional fishermen as they struggle to deal with the plastic on their beaches and in their nets.

Graphis Gold Award winner: a scavenger stands on one of the many mountains of rubbish at Bantar Gebang, thought to be South-East Asia’s largest open landfill. At 200 acres it is visible from space. When I visited, the smell was so bad it caused me to be sick instantly.

Graphis Silver Award winner: A scavenger stands for a portrait in front of the massive methane catching covers of part of Bantar Gebang, the management is now trying to capture and utilise the gas given off from the rotting rubbish rather than it escaping into the atmosphere.

Graphis Silver Award winner: This image is taken from a series of portraits featuring traditional Indonesian fishermen, known as Nelayan. The plastic situation is now so bad in the sea and beaches that it is hurting the fishermen’s livelihood. This project will be released soon.


The entries can be seen below on the Graphis Awards website…

Gold award: Link, Silver award: Link, Silver award: Link

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