Goblin Works – Mod Shop

Discovery Channel

Helen Stanley, Anthony Partridge and Jimmy De Ville are the petrol-head trio from Discovery’s show Goblin Works Garage Mod Shop, a new car modification show where they take a viewers car and tune, change and modify the car with a surprise reveal at the end.

Discovery asked me to head down to the garage to shoot some portraits of the presenters on the set of the show. Filmed almost locally to me on an American car restoration yard the location was chock full of amazing cars and pieces from automotive history, I was in car heaven. Below is a couple of the solo portraits I shot of each presenter.

The owner of the workshop has now become a good friend of mine and has shown me around the other buildings, it’s an amazing place. The location has a few extra workshops full of rare American classics, it’s fantastic to see these historic cars being brought back to life and very different from the show I was there to shoot which modifies modern cars for performance.



To view the show itself you can watch it on Discovery+ here. To view more blog posts please visit the main blog page here.