Duff McKagan

Kerrang! Magazine Cover

“Hey man, I have to stop this shoot.” The words no photographer ever wants to hear – unless, it’s Duff Mckagan who follows it up with this “you look like a guy who enjoys a joke…” Duff then proceeded to reel off a string of excellent gags, I fired back some of my own, and we riffed with the jokes for a good forty minutes. We initially were planning to shoot for half an hour, but after the jokes were flowing, we ended up shooting for an hour and a half, and in between the jokes we shot five different setups.

For someone who plays in a band that have sold over 100 million records worldwide Duff carried with him no ego or pretence, it was refreshing and a great fun shoot.

There was another shoot with Duff after mine, a nice chap from a French magazine who didn’t have the right kit for their shoot, so I lent them mine and quickly trained them up on it before backing up, packing up and heading back home.

Here’s the magazine cover and below a few finished images from the shoot.


Duff Mckagan swearing on the front cover of Kerrang! Magazine

Close up shot of Duff McKagan lit with coloured gels




Rock and Roll legend Duff McKagan swearing at the camera





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