David Walliams

Channel 4

The call came in, “can you go and stand in a field with a flying car, but – can I check you aren’t afraid of the child catcher?” After deciphering the message from Channel 4 I grabbed my wet weather gear and headed to the middle of a muddy field where I met David Walliams on the last filming day of Chitty Flies Again, a new programme for Channel 4.

I’m well versed at shooting on filming days and working around crews, I do it with my advertising work as well as working with TV crews, this was an easier shoot than a lot as we were working outside with plenty of space, it meant that we were able to keep nice and clear within Covid-19 protocols.

Working with David Walliams is always great, he’s a real pro and this was our second time of working together, the location this time was slightly less grand as last time we shot we had free reign of Harry Potter World, we were laughing about the catering being slightly different this time around!


David Walliams stood in front of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the flying car.

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