Dame Ellen MacArthur

Sunday Times Magazine

I first watched Ellen MacArthur traverse the globe, I was 20 when she broke the world record and I think most people my age remember her crossing the line (video included at the bottom of the blog in case you’ve not seen it!)

I had travelled down to the Isle Of Wight to photograph Dame Ellen MacArthur for the Sunday Times Magazine. After a relaxed interview we walked around the area where her foundation is based, chatted about dogs and talked in-depth about the ocean plastic problem, we both share a passion for that and we talked about my work with the fishermen in Indonesia and her foundations work. Whilst my work has to document the effect of the ocean plastic her foundation is actively trying to prevent it from occurring by changing peoples attitudes towards purchases.

Ellen is truly wonderful company, the conversation is fascinating and she is very inspiring, there is a quiet steeliness and she’s quite unlike most people I have ever met. You get the feeling that after she sailed around the world on her own she could put her determination to anything, luckily she has focused on her foundation and the fantastic work it does. Norman, Ellens collie was also on excellent form, prepared to sit beautifully for the camera and run around the disused shipping yard.

Thanks to Russ for the fascinating shoot and to Sylvia Klimaki for the great feature in the magazine, the article is online here and below is the piece in the magazine, please scroll down for more portraits of Ellen & Norman.


Ellen MacArthur portrait in The Sunday Times Magazine