24 Hours in A&E

Channel 4

Before lockdown¬†I had the pleasure of shooting the NHS staff at St Georges hospital for the latest series of 24 Hours in A&E for Channel 4. This is the third series I have shot for the channel and every time it’s a privilege to meet new members of the team as well as catching up with the staff I had met before.

One of the nicest things about shooting subjects multiple times is the built-in rapport you have with them, for me, it has built up over three years and we all love getting together for shoots, the newcomers can see this and instantly feel more relaxed, they know this isn’t going to be uncomfortable or awkward and I do my very best to make them feel as relaxed as possible and we always get some great shots.

The shots at St Georges are always early, we have to shoot the teams as they cross over with shifts and it normally means setting up in the dark and shooting when the sun appears, it’s probably my favourite time of day to shoot as you get this wonderful warmth to the background of the images as the sun seeps through.

This time we had to shoot in front of the A&E signage which meant placing the subjects on the quiet service road, only used by Ambulances, luckily there weren’t any emergencies come in by ambulance – we had taken the precaution of taping out the lights and having everything on wheels so we could move out of the way instantly and then reset using our tapes on the floor to get the lights back to their exact positions to get consistent results.

The latest series of 24 Hours in A&E for Channel is up on the 4 on-demand website here.



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