Latest update – August 2021

Over the years I have received many e-mails from students and other photographers about the equipment I use, I was sending back a reply that was always becoming out of date as I was in a state of flux with my cameras (see F.A.Q for that story)

Now I have firmly settled back with Canon, and as I’m now fully happy with my kit I thought I could write this out, hopefully, you might find it interesting or useful. I’ve also included a link to either Wex or Amazon if you want to explore it further.


There are many camera bags but this one is mine! This is the kit I use on every shoot, it travels with me and is my bread and butter kit, this covers 99% of my jobs and I love it.

After using multiple different camera systems I have firmly settled back on Canon and couldn’t be happier, this is the kit I am very happy to recommend. I’ve been doing this a while at this point and I won’t ever use or recommend something that I don’t use personally or that isn’t useful.

This is all housed in one of the best camera bags I have ever used and probably my favourite – the Peak Design 45L Travel backpack.


My favourite camera I’ve used. Fast, great files, great colours and I love shooting with it. It shoots fantastic videos as well, it covers 95% of my jobs.

CANON EOS R5 (Backup)

I always carry a backup body in case the first camera goes down, this has never happened but I always like to reduce risks as much as possible.


I have big hands, this makes the R5 feel much better for both orientations and speeds up shooting. It also doubles the battery life with the second battery.


My daily camera I carry all the time, shooting for fun and my BTS images. Really easy to get great files off the camera to my phone quickly.

Kirk L-bracket

The right angle L-bracket gives me Arca plate on the bottom and side of the camera and multiple QD fittings for my straps.

CANON EOS RF 50mm f/1.2 L

A wonderful lens, fast and with a good character. Fast autofocus for a f/1.2 lens. Fantastic image quality.


Small, fast and great image quality for my daily photographs and BTS content. I like this lens a lot.

CANON EOS RF 24-70mm f/2.8 L

My workhorse lens covers 80% of my work and nothing beats its versatility, it’s fast to focus and the quality is fantastic.


Fast & reliable cards with a good warranty. These are V90 and good for all my stills shoots.

Sony CFexpress Cards 128gb

Some of the fastest cards available. The Canon R5 limits features with other cards but every video feature works with these cards.

Profoto B10 Flash

Fantastic small and lightweight flash. Reliable and 250w/s, small enough to carry in my bag. I love these flashes.

Profoto B10+ Flash

More powerful at 500w/s. I carry one of these and a B10 in my main bag. Great when I need a little more power than the B10.

X-Rite Colour Checker Passport

When colour is important on shoots I will shoot plates with this in the shot – enabling me to create colour accurate ICC profiles.

Zacuto Z-Finder Loupe

When it’s bright outside I use this to view the rear screen on the camera – it blocks out all the light and magnifies the image making it easier to review.

Variable ND Filter

When I need more power from the flash I will avoid HSS and use a variable ND filter instead to utilise the full output from the flash.

Leatherman Wave

One of the most useful bits of kit I have ever bought. It’s able to fix most things and has got me out of sticky situations on numerous occassions.

Black Sharpies

Great for writing on anything, especially useful at the moment for writing your name on water bottles on set! Carry a few so you can lend them out.

Bongo Ties

Really useful rubber ties, great for organising cables or strapping things onto stands etc. Cheap and easy to use, I use them all the time.


If there’s waiting to do on set, it’s always good to break out the cards and get people chatting together. We play rummy competitively.


These are reliable and fast. Colourful as well so people can easily see it. This spare cable lives in the main camera bag away from the digi kit.

Sekonic 308X Light Meter

Taking measurements is useful for composites or for just general light measuring. This is a nice small meter that easily fits in the bag and weighs nothing.

Peak Design 45l Travel Bag

My favourite bag I have ever used, stores everything I need, is comfortable and doesn’t look like a camera bag so it’s perfect for travelling.

Profoto TTL-C Remote

I use this remote the most, great to be able to control the lights from the camera and use HSS when it’s needed. Battery life isn’t huge so carry spares.

Profoto Air Remote

The standard Profoto Air remote, a classic and an ultra-reliable triggering device – I don’t think I have ever misfired with this.


This is my main stills lighting kit, it’s a 4 head lighting kit (2 in this bag and two in the main backpack) and multiple modifiers. I use the 3ft Octa the most and the others are mainly for fill. The Umbrellas are fantastic as you can get a great fill light but in a very compact form which travels very easily.

Profoto B10+ FLASH

One of these is in the main backpack and one in the lighting case. They are fantastic flashes. I have each one marked with coloured dots so I can identify it in the app. 500w/s is plenty for most jobs.

Profoto B10 FLASH

There are two of these in the kit, nice and small with enough power for most things. Really great travel light as you really can travel light! Excellent battery life.

Profoto OCF 3ft Octa

My favourite modifier, I have used the RFi version before they released this in 2021. This is very lightweight and easy to travel with, the OCF kit is perfect for travelling.

Profoto Umbrella Deep White L

A fantastic modifier, large, and easy to set up. The light is nice and soft but crisp. I use this mainly for a fill light but can use it as a key on certain shoots that need it big & soft.

Profoto Umbrella Deep White S

This is like a more heavy-duty softlighter but the light is more focused forward due to the deep shape. I like using this and getting it quite close to the subject. A great light and really easy to use and transport.

Profoto OCF 2ft Octa

A small modifier which is perfect if I need more shadow or want a slightly more contrasty light, I also use this as a fill when I am going for a more finished look.

Profoto OCF Magnum Reflector

Great to help create a fake sun, a really special light comes out of this. Warm it up with a CTO or straw gel and you are in business, fake but realistic-looking sun!

Black Cinefoil

Such a versatile bit of kit. Use it to flag lights, block ambient/ceiling lights, or shape it to be a snoot, etc. There are so many uses for this cinefoil, I think everyone should have a roll in their lighting bag.


You know, the sexy stuff or at least the heavy stuff. I like heavy stands, they give you a certain confidence and they flex less. I really like stands that are great on location and in the studio which is why I like the Matthews Digital Baby stands. All my hardware and grip fit into two of the Sachtler cases.

Peli 1535

A lightweight version of the Peli 1510, this houses the flash heads separated by TrekPak dividers which I have used for years. An indestructible case.

Peli 1510

I house all my other kit in multiple Peli 1510s. They are almost indestructible and can swallow a lot of it. They are easy to stack and can be used as seats or steps. A legendary case.

Matthews C-Stand

I use multiple Matthews C-stands, if they are good enough for Hollywood, well they are good enough for me! These have been the Hollywood standard since the ’50s. A legend.

Matthews Baby Digital Stand

My favourite stands, strong, heavy and robust. They also have the rocky mountain adjustable leg which means using them on uneven terrain is easy. By far and away my favourite stand.

Sachtler Stand Bag

I’ve used different stand bags but this is the best one so far, fits a good amount of kit without becoming too heavy to lift. The wheels are spaced properly so it can’t flip itself over!

Matthews Mini Boom

Great when you want to get a flash closer to the subject but want the stand out of shot. A really useful boom as it’s long enough for most things but small enough to easily transport.

Matthews Grip Arm & head

I use these a lot instead of the main boom arm, as I use the lighter OCF modifiers I don’t have to counterweight these as long as the stand is weighed with sandbags.

Manfrotto Super Clamp

Infinitely useful and an industry-standard when it comes to grip and rigging. I use these all the time for all sorts – you can fit spigots or hooks into the clamp.


Stop your stands from blowing over in the wind. A pain to carry but much easier than smashed lights!


Some of the most important equipment I own, this is the stage of getting the image off the camera onto the computer and presented to the client. It’s all based around a Digiplate Pro and housed in a Peli 1535 Air case, there’s a tripod in the case and strapped to the outside.


The basis of this digital workstation. It’s a solid plate of aluminium that you can screw anything to and mount the laptop securely on top of. LSDigi makes great parts for it and it’s one of the most versatile solutions.


I use these connections to the camera end of the tether cable, it means that there is a natural tension breaking point so if anyone steps on the cable then it disconnects safely without putting any pressure on the camera port.


I use these extensions to run to the camera end and connect to the pigtail cable. I have used these cables for years and find them to be reliable and fast. The bright colour helps as people spot it and avoid it!


I have a v-lock plate mounted under the Digiplate and these connect onto it – it then distributes power to everything mounted on the plate (chargers/laptop/speaker etc)

Manfrotto MT190XPRO4 Tripod

A strong solid tripod to mount the plate on top of. I use a strong leveling base to accept the Arca-Swiss tripod plate on the bottom of the Digiplate.

Tripod stone bag

A super useful bag that suspends under the tripod, great when you need to drop a bit of kit or store your water bottle/light meter, etc.

Bose Bluetooth speaker

The Revolve sounds great, as the sound is 360º you can put it in the middle of the room and everyone hears it at the same volume which stops shouting on set.

Peak Design Carbon Tripod

This tripod holds my on-set review iPad Pro and makes it look great! It’s been invaluable doing remote reviews during Covid-19 safe shoots.


Random bits of kit I have found to be useful over the years of my career. Some things seem silly but they are light and if you can find space in a kit bag somewhere they might well save your bacon at some point.

Swiss Army Knife

A classic, always in my bag (apart from when I fly!) They are a backup for my leatherman really.

Head torch

Perfect for when you are working late and the sun goes away or if you are on a dark set. Using a head torch frees up your hands to pack away or properly use your kit.

USB Battery Pack

Charge your phone, charge your client’s phone. Be a hero and always have power available for people who need it. It can make a massive difference.

Air Blower

I use these instead of the rocket blower as I have had trouble with the Rocket in airports. These are powerful and small and perfect to just have in the bag all the time.

Allen Key muti tool

I always carry one of these, it’ll help fix what the leatherman and Swiss Army can’t. You’d be surprised how many Allen bolts your kit has, stands, and tripods especially.

Gaffa tape

This is the best Gaffa tape I have used, sticky enough without being aggressive and ripping the paint off floors. This also doesn’t leave a residue on your stands etc when you pull it off.

Crocodile Clips

Useful for clipping curtains/cables out of view or attaching cinefoil. They are also great for pinching the backs of shirts to get a more fitted look.

Filter removers

I hope you never get a filter stuck but in case it does happen, I have a set of these tucked into the side of my bag. It’s better than cutting your hand open!

Eneloop Pro Recyclable batteries

Don’t throw away single-use batteries, it’s terrible for the environment. Buy a great set of rechargeables like this and you’ll feel good about it and these are very good batteries.

Tape Measure

I use these to measure out distances when making shoot records, for example measuring light distance/height for composites.

Peak Design Tech Pouch

Swallows all your loose ends, a great bag that is wonderfully organised. I love these and have about 5 of them spread over different cases. A brilliant design.