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For all enquiries, please contact me directly.

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About Tom

Thanks for making it this far on my website, I’m a straight forward chap, and I’ll not give you some overblown guff that sounds like you are trying to hire a deity – you know we all write these ourselves so I thought I would just be honest.

I’m a self-taught photographer who shoots motion as well. Years ago, I studied economics in Sheffield, during my second year, my university attendance record dropped considerably – I was being commissioned more and more for my photography. These days the commissions haven’t stopped, and I’ve never had to put on a poorly fitting suit and sit, bored behind a desk discussing numbers.

Instead, my work has taken me across the globe, working with the full spectrum of humanity from refugee camps in war zones to the highest arenas of politics. I’ve never had a dull moment, apart from a 21-hour layover in Nairobi airport, but I do consider myself eternally fortunate to have such a varied and exciting career.

I like to think I’m a people person; my work is rooted in portraits, I love finding out about people, their lives and stories are fascinating to me. I’d also get bored if I had to photograph something that doesn’t chat back or pretend to laugh at my appalling jokes.

I’m equally happy thousands of miles from home in the middle of nowhere or shooting in a warm studio – I’m adaptable, efficient and flexible.

I am not sure why we all feel the need to say we can travel with work – it is one of the basic principles of being a photographer but, that said, I can work anywhere and in any conditions.

If you’d like to meet and have a chat about any possible commissions, please do get in touch with the e-mail address at the top of this page or give me a call on my mobile, let’s grab a drink, and I can introduce myself properly.


Graphis 2019 – Silver Award
Graphis 2018 – Silver Award
PX3 2018 – Hon. Mention
AOP 2017 – Winner – Moving Image Category
PX3 2017 – 1st Place & Gold Award
Portrait Salon 2017
Graphis 2017 – Silver Award
Portrait Salon 2016
AOP 2016 – Winner – Commissioned Series
Portrait Salon 2014 & 2015


Aviva, Barclays, Barclaycard, The BBC, British Paralympic Association, Channel 4, Channel 5, G-Technology, Samsung, Shortlist Magazine, Specsavers, Tesco, The Sunday Times Magazine, Travelers Insurance, Sage, Simple Cosmetics, Shell Oil, Medecins Sans Frontieres, Kerrang! Magazine, Q Magazine, RCA Records, Sony Music, Universal Music, Virgin EMI, Warner Bros Records